Hey, I’m Tawsha Box

This is me. The true me.


Professional photos are awesome, don’t get me wrong. I just didn’t want you to miss out on the person I actually am.

I am a self-proclaimed idea addict. I’m creative and super interested in everyone else’s business – literally.

You can typically find me at Target or creating something I believe will make someone’s life easier.

I ask all of the questions. With a background in morning radio, I’m naturally curious about you and what kind of goals you’d like to achieve. Trust is the most important to me so here I am – just as I am.


How did I get here?


I started my first (for real) business in my early 20’s. I had this idea to write a wedding planning organizer. It developed into a massive national event and I had no online presence. I hired someone to create my logo, build my website, and help me create a digital plan moving forward.

Once I was all situated online, my business was growing and things changed a bit. I needed to find a way to make those changes online. That meant more money. I was so completely overwhelmed by it all that I started poking around the back end of my website and realized that I had revealed a passion I had no idea was brewing under the surface.

What if I could figure out how to take my creativity and organizational skills and turn it into something that would help business owners?

Years later (and a lot of trial and error and training), I started building websites and entire brands for tech startups, boutiques, food distributors, coaches, network marketers, photographers, wedding planners, bloggers, crafters and a bunch of other niche creatives.

Hi, I’m Janice Box

I may be a Box but I’m living waaaay outside of it.


I call myself an organized creative. I love scheduling, color-coding, spread sheets, and a good Trello board but I also love being wildly creative and thinking like there is no box.

I’ve been in marketing since I was a kid, growing up in an entrepreneurial household, and have a weird passion for branding and design. I’m likely judging and analyzing your ads, graphics, and products on the shelves of stores I probably spend too much time in.


How did I get here?


Passion. It seems that no matter the project I am faced with, my role develops into something similar every time – organization, project coordination, and writing copy. I edit it, too. So often, people face roadblocks that are simply a test of their skillsets. I help find what those roadblocks are, come up with a solution, and move the project along. The process is second-nature and brings me joy. 

As far as the personal “stuff” goes, I love my crystals, astrology, being a certified angel guide, meditation, my dogs, my wife and son, and reading. I’m also really obsessed with football, baseball, and hockey.

I love tattoos, curse like a sailor (when appropriate), and am here to blaze a new trail for those who come after me who feel like they just don’t fit in.

How are we different? 


It’s all about your needs. Period.

We develop websites, create graphics, build online strategies, write in your “voice” and teach it ALL to you.

The goal is that you are able to work with us one time and then take over.

Nope, you don’t need digital skills or graphic design skills, or a ton of extra time. You just need to know the proper steps and you’re on your way!

Let's get started!